The NaNoWriMo Madness


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So I joined the NaNoWriMo Insanity this year because I’m such a ….joiner. Really. I am. Okay, I’m kidding. Anyone who knows me knows this to be the furthest thing from the truth. I’ve never been a joiner. I’ve never been a follower. But I’ve really never been a leader either. I’ve always just been…on my own?

There’s been the odd time here and there where I decided to do what I called the Social Experiment, where I forced myself to do tedious things like talk to people and such. I haven’t done that kind of thing in a while, and I guess I figured it was about time. Besides, I’ve been “working” on the same old book for five years now, it’s probably about time I started something knew, right?

Well, in true MaryPoppins style, after much procrastination, I joined late and was unprepared. From what I understand, most people know what they are going to write about in November before they actually start, and they have a nice outline and any research they need done. I had no idea what I wanted to write about when I joined a  day late; hence, why my word count on the official Nano site is exactly ONE.

Besides this embarrassing detail, I decided that tonight would be my first outing as a member of NaNoWriMo. I was of course nervous about mingling with the humans, but I’m glad I gave it a shot. It was a bunch of like-minded people (at least in this one corner of our lives) sitting mostly quietly together in a room, and writing. That’s it 🙂 Which was perfect actually. Little to no pressure of actually having to socialize, and yet I got out of the dungeon and was slightly more productive than usual. So that means a reluctant thumbs up from me, so far…

Go NaNo Go.


5 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo Madness

  1. wabwm2014 says:

    Hello Everyone

    Please visit and join the first Open Writing Collaboration Project today!

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  3. Aaron says:

    Just make sure your main character stutters in their dialogue – that way you can retype words as you please!

  4. marypoppinz says:

    Hi there 😀
    To get up the word count, I assume? Honestly, I’m not too worried about making those 50,000 words by the end of the month. I think it’s pretty much impossible at this point. I’m just using it as an excuse and motivator to write something, and it’s sorta kinda working…

    • Aaron says:

      Ha! You assume correctly. I agree, I think it is a great motivator as long as you do not take it too seriously when you don’t make your word count. At least you’re writing!

      Of course, I really have no idea what I am talking about since I am neither a writer nor a NaNoWriMo participant!

      I am still waiting for the day when you are looking for Alpha readers for your new book! 🙂

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