You know what I’d like to know? What it is about this blog that attracts so much “follower spam”.

I think you know what you can do with that “meat of many uses”.



Patiently waiting for tea

My cozy tea corner

On days like these I really have to search for something to be thankful for.

So today, I am thankful for my cozy little tea corner with a tea cozy. Hard to believe there was a time when I had no idea what a tea cozy was…buffyanne2

Must do ALL THE THINGS with a side of Unhelpful Incessant Internal Dialogue

I haven’t been very proactive with my mental or physical health these days. Like journalling, for instance. (Why yes, spell-check, journalling is a verb!) Why don’t I do it? I mean more than twice a year when I’ve decided to turn over that new leaf and do ALL THE THINGS I know I’m supposed to be doing to get better. I’ve always been super supportive of the idea that it can help us all live better, happier lives, but I’ve been guilty of not practicing what I preach.

I do that a lot to be honest. And when it happens I always have this argument with myself over whether or not this makes me a hypocrite. I’m settling on no, (convenient right?). It’s funny that I even bother to have these debates with myself  since I don’t think I’ve ever actually been accused of being one, (by anyone other than myself), but that’s just one example of the incessant internal dialogue that goes on in the deep dark recesses of my mind…

Seriously though, I’m not a hypocrite. Want to know why? Because even though I like to give advice to people when they ask, or when they’re telling me about their given problem, I’m not pretending to be perfect. I’m not criticizing them for not doing these things. I’m simply saying that these things might be a good idea. I genuinely want to help when I give advice, not pretend I’m better than anyone else.

Oh God. Now I’m arguing with myself. On the internet.

clean-all-the-things-624x468I guess I’m always being critical of myself and my motivations, my excuses or reasons, in short, my everything, and this is just another example of that. Three cheers for critical self-talk, hooray!

So this is me, making one more bid to do ALL THE THINGS!!!! 

Let’s see, that’s: the “morning pages” journal writing, yoga, meditation, running, healthy eating, supplements, early to bed early to rise oh God just thinking of it makes me want to stab my alarm, random acts of kindness and SOCIAL INTERACTION, boring-life-necessities like cooking a motherf*cking meal, cleaning up the apartment, doing the laundry…

responsibility11 (1)

Pics from awesome blog-turn-book “Hyberbole and a Half” by Allie Brosh.

Yes. It’s time. Must do ALL THE THINGS.



*Have I mentioned how much I love Hyperbole and a Half?