The failure that is me….

What the hell is wrong with me that I can’t even get to a damn yoga class on time?? It just so happens that this studio locks the doors five or more minutes before class so if I am late, which is always, I miss the class. I was so sure I would make it to tonight’s class. And if I could have found parking in time I would have. But this is getting ridiculous. I paid for two months unlimited, and I’ve been to zero classes. Zero.

Sometimes I make myself sick.


2 thoughts on “The failure that is me….

  1. Aaron says:

    That’s got to be frustrating! I’d blame your car for not getting you there in time. Dang you, car!

    You seem like a cool gal – don’t beat yourself up too much!

  2. marypoppinz says:

    Thanks Aaron. Sometimes I just get so frustrated with myself, ya know?It’s usually when I’m taking steps to be a healthier person that I take a step backwards so I’m right back where I started. Sigh.

    I need a brain transplant.

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