Disconnect Between Me, Myself and I – Finding the “Authentic You”

So…remember when I talked about my unfortunate addiction to self-help and happiness articles? Well I came across this one on PsychCentral, called “Reconnecting to Our Authentic Selves” that isn’t too bad. The article asks the reader to answer a series of questions (for themselves) in a journal, and the questions seem like they might lead to some pretty good insight. I’m debating whether to go through each question on this blog or in my actual journal (which I haven’t touched in ages).

So if you’re like me and you often feel like there’s a disconnect between you and your self, check out the article and maybe try asking yourself the following questions:

  • When did you feel really competent? “Think of examples from several phases throughout your life (elementary school, middle school, high school, college/early adulthood, the present),” and “describe them in detail.” What patterns or themes do you notice?
  • How would you like to be remembered? What would you like to be included in your obituary?
  • “If you had endless amounts of money, time, and energy, what would you do?”
  • What is your ideal day? Describe it in detail, “from the time you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.”
  • “How do you want to be perceived? What do you wish people knew about you? How do those differ from how you’re currently being perceived [or] what people know about you now?”
  • What would you like more of in your life? What would you like less of?
  • Who do you miss? Why do you miss them?
  • “When do you feel most vibrant, energized, powerful, and/or alive?”
  • “When was the last time you couldn’t help but smile? Why?”




2 thoughts on “Disconnect Between Me, Myself and I – Finding the “Authentic You”

  1. cheerythunder says:

    I am totally addicted to self help.books!! Love these questions…something to think about

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