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  1. Aaron says:

    Wow! I bet that feels amazing to submit, though surely it’s bittersweet. There must have been something worth being there for 7 1/2 years. However – look to the future! Bonjour!

    • marypoppinz says:

      I’m still in shock that I got the job I interviewed for. I owe it all to Belle!

      Honestly, I don’t think it has sunk in yet. Even seconds before I read your comment, I was wondering if leaving here is the right choice. Then I thought “What, are you nuts? Of course it is. This place is unhealthy, and crazy!”

      Like a funny farm, but one that exists in Hell. It has been soul-crushing here and sometimes I have to remind myself of that because I’m like that slow-boiling frog — the water feels so warm and comfortable, I don’t even notice that it’s killing me.

      I will miss all the bizarre stories I have to tell. There are advantages to working in a very politically incorrect office environment. Kinda wishing I had written all those stories down actually….

      You are right though. There are reasons I stayed as long as I did. New post to come I think.

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