The Interview — sing little monkey, sing!

Well, I had my first interview in 8 years one week ago today. I made myself sick over it, especially when they told me I would have to basically perform for them (a story, rhyme or song). I was able to cope only by convincing myself that the interview was no big deal. So beyond tailoring my cover letter and revising my resume and brushing up on my knowledge of the place, I didn’t really prepare. (Not including choosing what to “perform” and practicing it.)


What potential job requires that you sing them a song at the interview? Literacy facilitators, apparently. I had no idea what to do, so I settled on something that I know very well: Beauty and the Beast. Yup. I sang them Little Town, the opening song to the Disney cartoon.

I’m actually a volunteer tutor  for the centre, which is why I thought I might have a shot, but I’ve only been with them about five months including training time, and it doesn’t require that I go to the centre very often, as I just meet my “learner” at the library. I had not met the people involved in the programs that I applied for.

Considering what I pictured, I guess the interview wasn’t that bad. But what I pictured, was a large, sterile room with a panel of judges and a spotlight directed at my sweaty and shaking self, as strangers demanded me to “sing little monkey, sing!” Yeah. That never happened.

When I left the interview, I ran into the volunteer coordinator talking to the receptionist, and she was all like, “MaryPoppinz, you look radiant!” I guess embarrassment looks good on the pale.

When I left the interview, I was relieved, but I didn’t really have a good idea of how it went, because, dammit, those people are nice. I left in a pretty great mood though, and singing Beauty and the Beast all the way home.


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