Carl Wilson: I Knew About Jian Ghomeshi and never said anything. Am I complicit in his alleged abuse?

I can’t stop reading about Jian Ghomeshi and it’s really depressing. Reminds me of someone…

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You know Jian, of course. So does almost everyone else you know.

You are all part of the downtown-Toronto arts scene. Jian is the host of the popular public-radio culture show Q, heard across Canada every weekday morning and syndicated to 180 U.S. stations—a rare CBC success at reaching beyond retirees.

[np_storybar title=”Jian Ghomeshi’s journey: From immigrant’s son to cultural icon to pariah” link=””]

In his memoir, 1982, disgraced radio star Jian Ghomeshi recounts a typical young person’s early experiences with sex, from a first kiss in Grade 5, through to an ill-fated make-out session in Grade 8, when he stripped naked with a girl and did not quite know what to do. When he bragged, his friends said he was “the master.”

“But I was no master. I was 13 then, and I had no idea what I was doing,” he writes. “Part of the problem was that…

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