A Random, Jumbled Mess

Right now I’m sipping on herbal tea, trying to soothe my raw throat. I’ve been quite sick since Thursday and it seems to now have developed into a dry, painful cough.

My throat feels so restricted I’ve seriously thought about what I could use in my place if I have to keep it open to breath. (I settled on the empty shell of a pen if you were wondering. Or maybe….the exercise tubing I got from my physiotherapist, at least it’s flexible).

Am I overreacting? Maybe. Here’s hoping.

I haven’t been on here in quite a long time, once again. I don’t know why that happens. Everything’s going swimmingly and I’m writing on a regular if not sporadic basis, and then bam, I’m all like “forget this shit, it’s pointless”. But I’m here to try, try again, cause isn’t that what it’s all about? Try and try and try again until you’re dead?

I was told once that the narrative suffers when posts are spread out so far apart. Kinda like life. There are these slightly higher, lighter moments but they’re just so fucking spread apart that my life story becomes a random, jumbled mess with no real point.

Maybe I should get some sleep. Sigh. (raspy, painful sigh)