Morning Yearning


The Gift

Well, I’m feeling weirdly emotional today. Could it be the full honey moon? Of course, I seek out a piece of music I know will almost bring me to tears. It’s from an epic episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called “The Gift”. (There are spoilers in the description and in the comments).

And I love the comments (for a change) on this video. Especially this one by Calistus Jay:

 “My childhood: If it had to be summed up in a song. This would be it. I grew up watching Buffy. If it weren’t for Buffy I don’t know who I’d be today. I love writing and want to write for Tv one day. I also love composing music. If it weren’t for Buffy I might not have these passions. So, I thank this show for breaking my heart and making me laugh and making me… me. Joss Whedon, Christophe Beck… You saved my world. A lot. “